ethics lab

Kennedy Institute of Ethics

Georgetown University

How do we design a more ethical future?

At Ethics Lab, we believe in design as a strategy for real-world change.

Our team-based approach unites the creativity of designers, the wisdom of ethicists, the expertise of real-world partners, and the creative idealism of Georgetown students to tackle some of the messiest moral issues of our time.

Through direct-impact projects and high-impact education, we work to imagine and create a better world.

Direct-impact projects

Direct-impact projects bring together ethical experts, empowered stakeholders, and designers from our lab to create new options around morally-complex sticking points.

This team-based approach unites deep theory, creative methodology, and on-the-ground experience, facing down issues from food ethics to global maternal health to the ethics of big data. Applications to incubate a project are invited from students, faculty, and outside partners.


High-impact education

Ethics Lab is a resource for creative learning in ethics at Georgetown.

Our team partners with faculty across the university to infuse ethics into their courses, sponsors courses that design for the common good, and incubates student, faculty, and partner projects with dedicated ethics mentorship.

Led by design faculty and based on classical design education, our signature studio-based classes in Ethics Lab are organized around collaborative teams, public critiques, and intensive, project-oriented research.


Our People

Our Georgetown-based team of ethicists, designers, and scholars-in-residence includes experts from a variety of disciplines and walks of life.

Our core lab team is housed at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University, one of the world’s oldest academic ethics centers. Ethics Lab is located right in the heart of campus, on the second floor of Georgetown’s Healy Hall.


Our Method

With the help of allies and supporters at Georgetown and beyond, and bolstered by the Kennedy Institute of Ethics’s decades-long leadership in applied ethics, Ethics Lab has grown to become one of the most dynamic initiatives on campus.

Now a key player in a university-wide focus on bringing design to ethics and education, the Lab and its team are positioned for continued evolution and growth.


Get Involved

Like what we’re doing?

Get involved.

Apply to incubate a project. Take a class in studio. Serve as a juror for public student crits. Partner with us on an ethical concern that’s troubling your community. Apply to be a lab fellow, visiting scholar, or post-doc.