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Our Mission:

Ethics, done differently.

Ethicists ask questions about how the world should be. At Ethics Lab, we tackle the challenge of how we get there.





Design Tools for Creative Ethics Education

Ethics Lab methodology embraces competing ethical tensions as an opportunity to inform and imagine innovative responses to fast-moving challenges. Empathy and collaboration are essential mindsets. Mapping, prototyping, and storyboarding tactics are just a few of the ways we merge design strategies with ethical theory to propose new alternatives, test ideas, and make a positive impact in the world.

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Georgetown faculty

Engaging Ethics Initiative

A professor provides feedback on a student group's stakeholder map during a class workshop.

This initiative seeks to introduce curricular innovation that can immediately and concretely impact student learning. The program is designed to support high-impact ethics education at Georgetown.

Past courses include:

  • Environmental Chemistry

  • Sexual Politics in the Arab World

  • Ethics & Decision Making (MSFS)

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