Our Story


Our Vision

We want to train students and help researchers and policymakers confront today’s most urgent issues with ethics as part of their DNA.


Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Ethics Lab is a unique team of philosophers and designers at Georgetown University developing creative methods to help students, research and policy teams, and organizations build ethics into their work.


What We Do

We are a platform for innovation in ethics education on emerging issues.

We produce courses that focus on rapidly changing societal issues to prepare students for the challenges they will meet day one in the workforce.

We embed in courses across campus to empower the next generation of technologists and policymakers see the moral stakes of their field, and have an actionable commitment to responsible progress.

We lead ethics-centered collaborations with research, design, and policy teams off campus who are grappling with complex challenges.


How We Work

We combine deep expertise in ethics with creative design methods to facilitate explorations and find pathways forward. Our approach emphasizes active collaboration to uncover and understand the moral values at stake in a challenge, and use them as inspiration for creative action.