Embedded Ethics: AY 2018-2019


Computer Science

Preserving Data Privacy (Kobbi Nissim)

Course Highlight

In Fall 2018, we partnered with Kobbi Nissim, the McDevitt Chair of Computer Science, to design and run a workshop that would help students grapple with moral issues embedded in attacks on sensitive personal data. We embedded this exercise in Nissim’s Masters level course where students evaluate the risks and societal benefits of sharing and analyzing data containing sensitive personal information while preserving privacy. We asked students to imagine that they had successfully located a breach in the security of Facebook’s ad management platform, which ties sensitive personal information to individuals. What then should they do next? 

School of Foreign Service

  • Ethics and Values in Public Policy (Mark Rom)

  • Global Innovation Strategy (Michael Ryan)

  • Global Human Development (Holly Wise)

  • Understanding the Ethical Dimensions of Humanitarian Conflict (Nicole Bibbins Sedaca)

Course Highlight

In Spring 2018, we partnered with Nicole Bibbins Sedaca, Chair of the Global Politics and Security Concentration in Georgetown University’s Master of Science in Foreign Service program, to design and run a workshop to help students understand the values and motivations of the individuals taking sides in the conflict in South Sudan. Sedaca used this exercise to enhance the curriculum of Ethics & Decision-Making, a required course for all students of the MSFS Global Politics & Security concentration. 

Communication, Culture, and Technology

Fundamentals of Technology (Evan Barba)

McCourt School of Public Policy

Ethical Issues in Development (Griff Thompson)

Writing Center

Enhancing the Empathy Capacities of Writing Tutors (David Lipscomb)

AY 2017-2018 Embedded Ethics

The methodology and practices for unique embedding began with a pilot program, supported by Paul and Chandler Tagliabue, called “Engaging Ethics Initiative.” This program allowed faculty across the Main Campus to apply for funding to develop and engage with ethical concerns that they were finding within their courses that they saw as needing further exploration. Ethics Lab teams worked with these faculty partners to develop engagements and exercises that helped students gain new perspectives on their course material. For full details of the work please see our year-end report (Link).

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