What is the Studio Collaborative?

Stellar question.

We’ve brought together students from a Bioethics course, a Shaping National Science Policy course, and a Rhetoric course to work with one another, drawing from the knowledge gained through their specific class work and lectures, to create something of value to the world. Students are focusing on topics ranging from organ donation to antibiotic resistance, creating comic books and videos and art galleries.

We see the Collaborative as an especially unique educational opportunity for students, learning through their classes and through their work with one another. Through collaboration in studio, students grow in their understanding of ethical complexity, wrestling with some of the most fundamental questions of human existence; students acquire a greater knowledge of civic engagement, exploring avenues of creating social change; and students develop their mastery of rhetoric and communication, learning that the impact of creation rests in their ability to convey its value in words.

Here’s the way we see it – we have the power, through EthicsLab, to prepare students to be real, live, effective change agents. Students who can go out into the world and make a moral difference that actually matters. That actually sticks.

Students are tackling some of our society’s most pressing social injustices and ethical quandaries. Their work in studio is in service to others — they just happen to be engaging their own education through their desire to change the world.