Georgetown University professor and Ethics Lab partner Francis Slakey and his students shared their experiences in a multidisciplinary, project-based course that has real impact on the world outside of the classroom.

The course, Shaping National Science Policy, was co-taught by Prof. Slakey and David Goldston in Ethics Lab this spring for the second consecutive year. The video above captures scenes and interviews from last year’s studio collaborative and other past Science in the Public Interest students.

Students were asked to identify a social issue–teams from last year’s class ranged from studying the effects of pesticides on Argentinean agricultural workers to rethinking menstrual hygiene management in India–then guided by faculty mentors and external experts to develop a strategy for a fundable solution.

To help realize their projects, students then met with outside funders like Proctor and Gamble, Coca-Cola, and the Peace Corps in an effort to advance one of the key pedagogical innovations offered by Ethics Lab’s studio-based classes: students getting hands-on experience making authentic progress on complex global problems.

Thanks to the Red House for producing this video as part of the larger Designing the Future(s) of the University initiative.