Student accepted to prestigious summer design program

Ethics Lab student Danielle Huang was accepted to UC Berkeley’s summer course in landscape and urban design at their Center for Environmental Design (CED). The program consists of [IN]ARCH, [IN]LAND, and [IN]CITY, three introductory programs in architecture, landscape architecture and sustainable city planning for post-baccalaureate students or senior-level undergraduates, as well as [IN]ARCH ADV, an advanced studio for post-baccalaureate students who have a degree in architecture or who are senior-level architecture majors. Students in the Summer Institute explore the methods and theories of the fields, experience the culture of design and planning studios, connect to top faculty and practitioners, and build a portfolio for graduate school application.

Huang, who became interested in environmental and sustainable design while taking Arjun Dhillon’s Foundations of Design course, applied to CED in hopes of getting a better sense of what type of design she would like to pursue after her undergraduate career:

“One project that Prof. Dhillon and I would like to pursue in the upcoming school year is to build and design a tiny house,” said Huang. “I hope that at Berkeley I can further develop my visual representation skills and learn about environmental planning so that I can apply this knowledge to a sustainable, tiny house project.”

The Berkeley program offers a lecture series, a design or planning studio, a seminar or media course, and site visits, which Huang hopes to intersect with her ongoing studio experience at Ethics Lab.

“Because I am still unsure about which focus of environmental design I should pursue,” she said, “I really hope that this program will inform me on what type of graduate education I would prefer, either one in landscape or urban design. As for design thinking, I look forward to exercising my creative, problem solving skills and the opportunity to learn from my peers at Berkeley whose unique backgrounds drive their design thinking.”