As part of our ongoing Ethics in Action partnership, Ethics Lab Head of Operations & Product Development Nico Staple and Lab Fellow Jesse Flores have made several trips to the Ethics Institute at Kent Place School over the past months to meet with student teams and continue mentoring their design projects as they work towards the final summit in April.

Last summer, student teams at Kent Place and Trinity Hall schools were tasked with designing pathways forward for ethical issues surrounding food in their local communities. In the process, they’ve heard from industry experts on GMOs, food deserts, local farming, branding of humanely harvested food, and other pressing issues.

Teams are in the final stage of their work, refining prototypes and testing their products and services in the real world (what we at the lab would call “the little squiggle”).

Here’s what some of the groups are up to:

  • Foodel: connect local eateries with food banks to facilitate the donation of excess daily food using driver’s ed students as the transportation from local business to food bank [Website]
  • F.A.T. (Female Athlete Triad): build a community of female athletes (student, local, and professional) to promote mentorship and responsible training and eating
  • Equal Eats: inspire kids to learn about nutrition by encouraging them to create beautiful and playful plates of healthy meals and submit photos to an online competition
  • Full Basket: pilot a mentorship program between 5th graders and 1st graders to encourage them to eat healthier, starting with lunch in the cafeteria
  • GROW: establish a pay-it-forward program with local businesses in which people add an item to their purchase that becomes an in-kind donation to people in need