Ethics Lab leads (a very active!) workshop on creative ethics education @ SXSW EDU 2018

Great workshop—can’t wait to see what other awesome design thinking resources they create in the future!
— Misty Kluesner, session participant
A group of participants negotiates stakeholder placement via post-its and paper at SXSWedu.
Ethics Lab team member Nico Staple converses with participants at their table during the Lab's SXSWedu workshop.
A team of two workshop participants thoughtfully consider the arrangement of their stakeholder map.

Ethics Lab held an in-depth and hands-on workshop at this year’s SXSW EDU Conference and Festival. The workshop, Design Tools for Creative Ethics Education, introduced educators to Ethics Lab’s latest set of teaching tools developed to tackle complex moral problems in the classroom. Drawing from methods of design and ethical analysis, these hands-on learning activities focus on developing students’ moral imagination and creative confidence. The workshop provided participants with example materials and practical experience to incorporate in their own classrooms and programs. Georgetown’s Elizabeth EdenbergJonathan HealeySydney Luken, and Nico Staple led a packed room of participants for the two-hour session.