SPOTLIGHT / September 5, 2019


Introduction to Bioethics and Political Epistemology


This year, we’re offering two brand new courses in addition to our popular Data Ethics class. These include: 

  • Introduction to Bioethics, taught by Ethics Lab’s Director, Maggie Little; and

  • Political Epistemology, taught by Professor Elizabeth Edenberg

Professor Little is an expert in the area of bioethics, and has written extensively about a variety of issues in reproductive health and clinical research ethics. She has twice served as visiting scholar in residence at the National Institutes of Health Department of Bioethics and was appointed to the Ethics Committee of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Professor Little is a founding member of The Ob-Gyn Risk Research Group, which brings together experts for research encompassing a wide variety of issues in reproductive health and clinical research ethics. She also co-founded The Second Wave Initiative, which works to promote responsible research into the health needs of pregnant women.

She looks forward to sharing her deep knowledge and engaging approach to this complicated and fascinating subject with students. 

Professor Edenberg spent the summer of 2018 on a visiting fellowship at the University of London’s Institute of Philosophy. While on campus, she worked on a collaborative project exploring the role of truth, knowledge, and disagreement in political life. Professor Edenberg’s research investigates conflicts that arise from deep disagreements about the role of moral values in political life and how to build mutual respect in spite of these differences. She looks forward to engaging in spirited debate and conversations with this fall’s students about these timely issues.