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Our Mission

Ethics Lab takes a practical approach to applied ethics, using a mix of philosophical tools and design thinking to help emerging leaders tackle the world's complex moral problems. Core to our methodology is the development of one's moral imagination and creative confidence.

Ethics Lab's work features flagship courses on emerging ethical issues, as well as professional education workshops. We collaborate with academic partners to transform ethics education across the disciplines of business, science, policy, diplomacy, and the humanities. We advise policymakers and industry partners on emerging, fast-moving crises like the Zika epidemic and the rise of fake news, and we produce teaching toolkits for educators across all disciplines.

 Maggie Little speaks at an HIV/pregnancy event in the lab

Our Team


Maggie Little //


Jonathan Healey //

Assistant Director

Elizabeth Edenberg //

Senior Ethicist

Meg Leta Jones //

Faculty Affiliate


August Gorman //

post-doctoral fellow

Sydney Luken //


Michael Tschiderer //

Director of Finance & Operations